PW01 - Ram, Over 2 ½ Years (Polwarth\Open Section) PW02 - Ram, Over 1½ Years & Under 2 ½ Years (Polwarth\Open Section) PW04 - Ram, Under 1½ Years, Showing A Full Mouth Of Milk Teeth (Polwarth\Open Section) PW05 - Ram, Under 1½ Years (Polwarth\Open Section) PW23 - Ram With Best Head (Polwarth\Open Section) PW10 - Ewe, Over 2½ Years (Polwarth\Open Section) PW11 - Ewe, Over 1½ Years And Under 2½ Years (Polwarth\Open Section) PW13 - Ewe, Under 1½ Years, Showing Full Mouth Of Milk Teeth (Polwarth\Open Section) PW14 - Ewe, Under 1½ Years (Polwarth\Open Section) PW19 - Group Of 1 Ram And 2 Ewes Over 1½ Years Old Bred By The Exhibitor (Polwarth\Open Section) PW21 - Group Of 1 Ram And 2 Ewes Under 1½ Years Bred By The Exhibitor (Polwarth\Open Section) PW22 - Progeny Group Of 3 Polwarth Sheep, Bred By Exhibitor (Polwarth\Open Section) PW24 - National Polwarth Pair (Ram And Ewe Of Any Age Bred By Exhibitor) (Polwarth\Open Section) PW36S - Junior Champion Ram (Polwarth\Open Section) PW38S - Reserve Junior Champion Ram (Polwarth\Open Section) PW39S - Senior Champion Ram (Polwarth\Open Section) PW25S - Reserve Senior Champion Ram (Polwarth\Open Section) PW31S - Victorian Champion Bred Ram (Polwarth\Open Section) PW33S - Grand Champion Ram (Polwarth\Open Section) PW26S - Junior Champion Ewe (Polwarth\Open Section) PW27S - Reserve Junior Champion Ewe (Polwarth\Open Section) PW28S - Senior Champion Ewe (Polwarth\Open Section) PW29S - Reserve Senior Champion Ewe (Polwarth\Open Section) PW32S - Victorian Champion Bred Ewe (Polwarth\Open Section) PW34S - Grand Champion Ewe (Polwarth\Open Section) PW35S - Supreme Champion Polwarth Sheep (Polwarth\Open Section) PW30S - Polwarth Most Sucessful Exhibitor (Polwarth\Open Section)