1. Only sheep registered in the Polwarth Sheep Breeders Association of Australia Flock Book will be accepted for entry.
  2. Exhibitors my enter up to 5 sheep in any class or classes, subject to a limit in aggregate entries of the total number of sheep that could be entered by the exhibitor in any particular section on the basis of two sheep in each class.
  3. Sheep entered in ‘milk teeth only’ classes must show a full mouth of milk teeth, otherwise they will be automatically transferred to the appropriate ‘under 1½ years’ class.
  4. The practice of oiling or using a foreign material to enhance the appearance of wool for showing is forbidden. Dipping for parasites excepted.
  5. Exhibited sheep should be shorn after 1st August in the year preceding the show.
  6. Exhibitors should be appropriately attired for judging.