1. All Merino sheep must be owned and bred by the Exhibitor.
2. All Merino sheep must be inspected and tagged with AASMB official shearing tag.
3. All Merino sheep must be micron tested and be tested by the A.W.T.A. / from 1st May -10th June the year of the Show. The samples to be tested must come from the mid-side area on the near side of the sheep. Sampling and collection must be administered by members of the Shearing Tag Committee or nominees of the President of the relevant state Stud Merino Sheepbreeders Associations.
4. Exhibitors may enter up to 5 sheep in any class or classes.
5. Poll Merinos must be entered in Poll Merino classes and are not to be shown in Merino classes (except where otherwise specified). Horned Merinos are not to be shown in Poll Merino Classes (except where otherwise specified).
6. All sheep entered as unhoused may be housed any time within one week after shearing, but shall not be otherwise housed or rugged in anyway from the previous shearing up to the 1st June preceding the ASBA show of that year.
7. Each sheep submitted for inspection (prior to being tagged with the Association inspection tag) shall carry not more than 12.5mm (½ inch) of wool as at the 15th August/1st March.
8. Limit on Entry into Multiple Classes - Subject to the relevant schedule, an exhibit must not be entered in more than one ordinary class. Special group classes, championship, sale rams and trophy classes do not count as ordinary classes.
9. Merino Classification will be from midday to 6.00pm on Thursday 13th July 2017. Polls and teeth will be checked by stewards and judges will assess for wool type. Information of any changes will be recorded on your Confirmation of Current Entries Form - you must take this to the central recording desk for recording, even if no changes are required.
10. All Merino entries including March Shorn entries must be fleece tested. Tests for Dubbo in the year of the show are acceptable for Bendigo, tests for Sydney Royal are not.
11. Any withdrawal of entries or replacement entries must be emailed to by Tuesday 11 July, 2017. Failure to do so, will result in that animal being ineligible to compete and the entry fee will be non-refundable. Injury due to transit will be at the discretion of the Committee.


The Most Successful Exhibitor Awards in the Ultrafine, Superfine, Fine, Fine/Medium, Medium and Strong Wool Sections, where applicable, will be calculated as follows:

Classes: First, 5 points; second, 4 points; third, 3 points; fourth, 2 points; fifth, 1 point.

Champion, Open, Un-housed, Restricted, March Shorn and Poll Champions: 4 points; Reserves, 2 points

Supreme and Grand Champions, Victorian Champions are NOT to be taken into consideration.

This scoring system does not apply to the Sandford Beggs, Most Successful Exhibitor Award - see  below.