Breeds administered by the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders' Association Limited are: Aussiedown, Australian Finnsheep, Border Leicester, Cheviot, Dorset Down, Dorset Horn, Drysdale, East Friesian, English Leicester, Hampshire Down, Lincoln, Perendale, Romney, Ryeland, Shropshire, Southdown, South Suffolk, Suffolk, Wiltipoll, Wiltshire Horn.
1. These regulations apply unless stated in the relevant breed section.
2. Only sheep registered in existing Flock Books will be accepted for entry.
3. All sheep from ASSBA Sheep Studs must be from an Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock
4. All sheep of breeds administered by the Australian Sheep Breeders' Association Limited are to be in the wool, except where stated 'SHORN' in the classes.
(a) "In the wool" classes (woolly classes) to be shorn before 31st March of the year of the show. Date of shearing to be given on the entry form. The minimum wool length for
all shortwool breeds in all woolly classes shall be 3 cms. Border Leicester sheep must be shorn in accordance with the regulations appearing at the beginning of that section.
(b) Shorn Sheep
- No longwool sheep (except Romney and Border Leicester) entered in a shorn class may have more than 4cm of wool on any part of its body at time of inspection.
- No shortwool sheep entered in a shorn class may have more than 1cm of wool on any part of its body at time of inspection.
- Sheep not shorn in accordance with the above regulations will be disqualified.
- Exhibits in the wool are not eligible to be entered in the classes provided for shorn sheep, and if found to be so entered shall be removed from the Showground.
5. British Breeds sheep shall be penned not later than 4.00p.m. on Thursday 14th July for inspection of Breed standards and regulations.
6. Most Successful Exhibitor Awards in the British Breed Sections will be restricted to sheep bred by the Exhibitor, exclude Novice classes, and points calculated as follows:
First 3 points, second 2 points, third 1 point. In the event of a tie, 2 points will be allotted for Champion and 1 point for Reserve Champion awards. If a tie still exists, a count back, approved by the Chief Steward, will be made to determine the winner.
7. British Breed Novice Class Exhibitors may also enter the same exhibit in the appropriate Open classes with an additional entry fee of $3.50.
8. Imported British Breed sheep must be tattooed in accordance with the recognised Flock Book of the country of origin.
9. No tattooing will be allowed to take place on the Showgrounds and sheep with teeth that have been tampered with, will be rejected.
10. In the Dorset Horn Section, rams can be de-horned at eye level.
11. Exhibitors are not permitted to use powders or other substances on the face and or colour on legs and feet in the preparation of sheep for showing.
Cash Prizes of $15 presented by the AUSTRALIAN STUD SHEEP BREEDERS ASSOCIATION., will be awarded to the exhibitors of the Champion Ram and Ewe in all British Breeds Sections.
12. Scanning figures will need to be printed on cards and worn by the holder in the respective meat yield class as requested by the breed society.
13. Southdown Sheep entered in the woolly classes to have been shorn by the end of the previous December.

HAMPSHIRE DOWN: This is a special class for both Maternal and Terminal Sires to be held prior to the Champion British Breed Group Class. Exhibitors are limited to 2 rams under 1 ½ years drawn from the ordinary classes. Rams will be judged on scan figures and also allocated points for breed type by their breed judge. A Sash will be awarded for both sections. Entry Fee $8.80